About us. The story behind MX4LIFE

 My name is Derek Robertson and I grew up racing Motocross. I now have a son who was born in 2009 and as many of us fathers did, I put him on dirt bike at the age of 3. We both found that the competitive edge of Motocross and the great Moto families we have met over the past few years was exactly what we have been looking for. The travel and race experiences Danny and I had from the past few years have been truly special to us.

Danny’s first racing number was number 4. Being a Ricky Carmichael fan growing up I chose that number for him. Danny an amateur, and learning we could not run a single number, we had to changed it. We came up with the number 141. The ones represent winning and the 4 which is always highlighted was to brand Danny from his original number 4. With social media being a big part of getting recognized world wide and showing off your talents, was a tool which we both knew we had to have. Growing with Instagram and learning to have a logo will only further brand Danny and get him recognized by the Moto community. We came up with a logo. Which is now the 4 you see in MX4LIFE. The logo 4 has both the number ones intergrated into the 4. One of the number 1’s is vertical and the other number 1 is horizontal which is 141 into the number 4. Have a close look.

Creating the logo was originally for Instagram. But after realizing Motocross is our passion, we wanted to share by integrating it into MX4LIFE. We want to share our passion with everyone who loves motocross, to the families who support their children husbands and wife’s who make It their LIFE. MX4LIFE!